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When it comes to teaching youngsters and children as how to improve their handwriting then you must provide them practice papers. All types of practice papers provide an easy way for kids to write under the guidelines of printed one or more straight lines. This way, they can easily learn as how to write one letter along with other and hence constitute a good handwriting.  This website is setup to provide a variety of Lined Paper Templates to help teachers and parents to quickly printout helping sheets. All these paper templates are created using MS Word but available in different formats including MS Word Document, PDF and EPS formats. So you can decide what format suits you best for downloading and printing.

Here are these templates for you to have a quick look at and decide to download (just click on it to find the download options).

Lined Paper  Lined Paper Lined Paper 3
Single Lined Paper Template Four Lined Paper Template Three Lined Paper Template
 Colorful Lined Paper Template  Colorful Lined Paper Template  Colorful Lined Paper Bordered
Colorful Two Lined Paper  Colorful Two Lined Paper  Colorful Bordered Paper

Here are a few more detailed lined paper template available to be downloaded as PDF papers to download and print at your convenience,

Closed Lined Paper Template  Wide Lined Paper Template 4 Lined Paper Template
Closed Lined Paper Template Wide Lined Paper Template Three Lined Paper Template

Here is another good quality lined paper template that can easily be reused for academic purposes.

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